The leather of our shoes is a live material and it will keep its elasticity, brightness and softness only if we care and clean it properly. To not do that will make it become dry and crack specially in the areas where the show bends.

To care your shoes is a guarantee of a longer life, better aspect and comfort.

Use a shoehorn: The use of a shoehorn prevents deformation in the back of our shoes. Its ergonomic shape prevents that we can break the buttress of the shoe and it is advisable to use it daily and when trying a shoe.

Properly disengaging: If shoes have buckles or laces, they must be untied, and not pull the heel, because it will become deformed.

Day by day: daily, and just wear them, it is convenient to review with a polishing sponge or brush to get the most out of its natural shine for the polishing of the shoe polished leather. For those with a back skin it will be enough a slight brushing with a brush indicated, for this skin usually of somewhat stiff bristles.

Let the shoes rest: Avoid putting on the same pair for two consecutive days, the ideal for your shoes is to let them rest on your cedar last for at least one day between laying them to recover their original shape, placing them in the way indicated, properly stored and ordered, always in its box in case you do not have a suitable shoe-display.

Wet shoes: If the shoes get wet, we must clean them with a soft cloth and make sure that there is no water left on the surface or let them dry outdoors, never near a heat source. It is advisable to place the shoe immediately to avoid deformities and that the same form of wood will absorb the moisture that has been able to penetrate the skin.

Keep them properly: If you are going to have your shoes stored for a long period of time, it is necessary to do it correctly. Do not store them in plastic bags as mold may come out due to moisture. The correct thing would be to store them in the cotton bags that already include, having previously applied a thin layer of bitumen or cream and with their corresponding forms to keep the shape.

Beware of Abusing Cleaning Products: If you use creams, fats, brushes or other cleaning products, try not to abuse them and try it to be of the best quality so that it won’t harm the skin. The suede and the brush that you use must be exclusive for each color, be sure to use one for black shoe and another for the other colors. After using the brush, wipe it on a rag to remove any traces of cream and prevent the bristle from drying.